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Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Upgraded Yellowstone Webcams

Yellowstone Announces a Major Upgrade to Its Old Faithful WebCam.

According to the NPS press release:

Virtual visitors” to the Old Faithful Geyser WebCam page will find a greatly improved view of Old Faithful Geyser. New cameras at Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs will provide larger and sharper WebCam images than ever before. The new Old Faithful Geyser WebCam was unveiled on Thursday, June 23rd.

The larger, sharper images allow a much better view of eruptions of Old Faithful Geyser, as well as visitor and wildlife activities on and around the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces. You will find links to all of our WebCams on the Yellowstone WebCam home page.

We will be keeping our original MammothCam in place because many visitors use it to wave to family and friends back home via the Internet. That is why visitors can often be seen on the WebCam talking on their cell phones and waving toward the camera. As word has spread, this camera has become a highly popular “electronic postcard” that has been sent by visitors to friends and family worldwide.


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